Organic eggs, spinach, garlic, onion, sea salt (cooked in olive oil) pear, hot lemon water.

I call this egg scramble “The Classic”. I would eat it practically every day when I did the Whole30 for the first time! I get the morning energy I need every time, always a perfect way to start my day.



I was super excited to cook some organic, grass-fed beef I picked up from Whole Foods two days ago (I LOVE ground beef), but that plan didn’t work out too well. The beef smelled really funky, and had a gross, gray and purplish tint. I decided not to cook it, and stuck to veggies and avocado instead. I threw some organic tomatoes, cucumber, onion and garlic in a sauce pan with olive oil, and voila! A really simple, delicious dish. I also ate a sweet, juicy persimmon before I dove into…


THIS. Don’t get me started on mashed sweet potatoes with coconut oil! Probably my favorite thing ever. I threw one sweet potato wrapped in foil in the oven for an hour, and it cooked to the perfect mashy-ness. A little bit of coconut oil and cinnamon, and I’m in heaven.



I need to first say, this meal meant a lot to me. I’m in California visiting my family for Thanksgiving break, and my mother SHOCKED me with this one. She never cooked for me when I was little, or at all for that matter. The most cooking she would do was on Thanksgiving, but I think she gets my sister to do most of the work now :P. She threw together some organic chicken thighs that she marinated (olive oil, garlic, onion, sea salt, parsley) and cooked perfectly. Every bite I would let out a ‘mmm!’ or ‘damn, this is GOOD!’. So thank you Mamma! Perfect meal [I promised I’d send her a shout out :)]

End of Day 1:

I’m feeling really good about how I ate today. I didn’t get too hungry at all, and I didn’t over eat. Great first day.. lets just hope the next 149 days are this easy!


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