Organic pear and almond butter.

I woke up this morning feeling really weak with a sore throat :(. I’m pretty sure it’s due to my lack of bundling up when I came back home to Boulder covered in snow. I went from perfect California 75 degree weather, to walking around in the snow without enough layers on, it was not fun.

So I ended up eating a little bit of fruit and almond butter, drank a hot cup of lemon water, and ate a clove of garlic in hopes of my sickness subsiding. Luckily, I passed out, napped for an hour and woke up feeling good as new.



For lunch I had The Classic, which made me feel really good after the morning I had feeling sick and all. I seriously think I eat too much avocado every day! It enhances every meal so much.

Walnuts and pecans



For dinner, I cooked up some organic, grass-fed beef and mixed it with asparagus, tomato, onion and garlic (cooked in olive oil). On the side, I had a simple mixed greens salad with apple, avocado (yes, more avocado! I’m addicted), and almonds. Also, a mashed sweet potato! Amazing dinner.

End of Day 3:

I was some what stressed today just because I had so many final papers to write, but my food choices were really solid. I was so relieved to take a nap and feel better instantly (seriously, garlic is the answer.. or sleep.. or both). Looking forward to tomorrow!


One thought on “Birthday Challenge DAY 3

  1. Desi, I’m truly convinced that you will learn from every experience in your life. And now you are starting to share with the world which is the next step to master knowledge. Enjoy you’re paleo journey!.   You inpire me to live a better and healthier life… Love You! Mom.

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