I was in a rush this morning, so all I cooked was a lonely plate of eggs. I didn’t have any avocado, or anything that makes The Classic special! So my breakfast was definitely on the boring side today.


Pear and almond butter.


I am so proud of myself for making this dish! I made pan fried chicken breast (cooked in ghee), with kale sautéed in coconut oil. The chicken tasted amazing with the avocado, and the kale was definitely interesting with a subtle coconut flavor.

Handful of dried apricots and a couple of dates.


Dinner was the absolute best. I cooked the beef with spinach, roasted a juicy tomato, and mashed up a boiled rutabaga with sautéed onion and rosemary! This meal was so incredibly satisfying without weighing me down. It was such a good buzz.

End of Day 4:
The beginning of my day didn’t start off too well because I didn’t eat enough breakfast. I was able to makeup for it during lunch and dinner with the awesome meals I cooked. I’ve learned that I really need to start throwing in more variety into my diet, and more importantly.. I need to drink more water!!! Consistently drinking enough water throughout the day has always been a problem for me, and I seriously need to change that ASAP.


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