This morning I attempted to make sweet potato pancakes, but it failed miserably! I mixed one egg, a little bit of almond flour, and a teaspoon in with the mashed sweet potatoes, and cooked them on high in melted coconut oil. I didn’t follow a recipe, so when the outsides started to burn I gave up and turned it into a crumble. It surprisingly tasted pretty decent. I’m going to try again tomorrow, and probably follow a recipe 😛 I threw together some eggs and drank a little pit of peach lavender kombucha I buy on tap from the co-op.

I ate breakfast really late today so I ended up snacking until dinner (which isn’t too good of an idea). But, I got some great snacks from the co-op. I snacked on two small cucumbers, dried apricots, a couple of dates, pistachios (my favorite), a pear, and sea crackers.


I made a simple burger with sautéed onions and spices. On the side I threw together some cabbage and onion, cooked in a little ghee and vegetable broth (and of course avocado.. Haven’t had any all day!). This dinner was a totally last minute creation and almost didn’t happen. I really do need to start planning my meals a little better.

End of Day 8:
Today was decent. All the food tasted great, but I really do need to focus on three solid meals a day. I haven’t been struggling with it as much as I thought I would, but I’m just worried of getting in the habit of snacking. I’m going to make tomorrow’s goal to eat solid meals without snacks in-between!


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