Figs, sea crackers, apple with almond butter, home roasted kale chips, and a pear.

Left over pork, spinach, tomato goodness from yesterday!


For dinner tonight I ended up eating out which I haven’t all week! I went to this restaurant called Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder. This place was recommended by a fellow paleo co-opper, so I was pretty excited to check it out. I made sure everything I ordered was whole30/paleo friendly, I ended up getting steak with a side of carrot and parsnips salad, and the daily vegetable soup. It all tasted great!

End of Day 12:
Today was my last day of finals, and my last day of the entire semester!! Woohoo!! So I will finally have all the free time in the world to workout, plan meals, and stop snacking for lunch! (I know.. Excuses.. Excuses) Today was pretty normal, no cravings or anything. I’m really excited to get a workout regimen going! Two more days till a week two update! I can’t wait.


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