Sea crackers, pear with almond butter, and dried apricots.. I’m obsessed!


This dinner was probably the most delicious meal I have made so far! Ground beef with spinach, garlic, and onion. Roasted brussel sprouts with ghee salt and pepper. It was all cooked to perfection… So good!!

End of WEEK 2:
This past week wasn’t that good after all, I’ve been having cold like symptoms (sniffles and sneezing like crazy). I’ve read that this type of thing is usual when you cut so much out of your diet that your body is used to. I’m just hoping I stop sniffling next week! I’m glad my body isn’t feeling fatigue or anything like that, I’m just having to blow my nose a lot and sneeze.. It’s weird. Other than that.. I’m so glad week two is done! Onto week three, where I’m going to focus on making three solid meals a day, drinking enough water, and working out daily!


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