Dates, dried apricots, apple, pear with almond butter.. The usual things I snack on EVERY DAY. For lunch today, Day 16, I had beef/brussel sprouts left overs.

I snack way too much. My problem is that I eat breakfast so late!! (My breakfasts are more of an early lunch) So then I’m not really hungry for a full meal until dinner time! I’m working on it though, I know it’s healthier for my brain and body to not snack so much. And I need to cut back on dried fruit, I love it so much, but it’s dangerous.




End of Day 15 & 16:
My sniffles are finally going away!! And I started working out this week! Maybe that’s what my body needed was some good exercise. I tried a new recipe tonight, Paleo Chicken Tenders, which turned out really yummy (I breaded it with almond flour and seasoning.. I know whole30 discourages breading and replacing bread in any way.. But I’m giving my self a little wiggle room and allowing almond flour. At least I’m not trying to get away with baking paleo cookies!)

I’m feeling so good about working out, I forgot how much I love taking group classes at the gym, so much fun energy! I can’t wait to take a class tomorrow. By the end of tomorrow, I’ll be half way done with week 3! Woohoo!


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