For the past two days I’ve had left overs from Day 17 and 18 for lunch.



I ate out again for the second time this week at Foolish Craig’s. I can’t help but eat sweet potato fries when I eat out, it’s a terrible habit.

End of Day 18 and 19:
I’ve been eating WAY too many starchy foods the past three days. Too many sweet potatoes, to many dates and dried fruits, and too many fruits as snacks. Snacking has become a really bad habit (I guess it always was, but now I just do it with dried fruit, nuts, and dates). I’ve definitely become lazier the past three days, not in making sure I’m sticking to whole30 restrictions, but in caring less with how often eating and limiting my amount of natural sugars and starches.

I have this amazing book called the Metabolic Effect which I just started re-reading, and I think I’m going to incorporate some of their guidelines into my whole150 (they both go totally hand in hand which is perfect). I’ll be posting more about it in the future!


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