I have been lazy the past couple of days and haven’t posted! I did successfully get through my third week, but I had some difficulties over the course of the week. Here is what I ate for Day 20 and 21:





Day 20 & 21 Update:
My Day 20 was pretty weird, I woke up really late and my breakfast was more of a lunch, so I didn’t feel like eating too much for dinner. Day 21 was also weird, I ate snacks for dinner because I was so hungry after work and didn’t have food to cook at home. So basically.. The past two days were a MESS.

Week 3!!
Ok, so my week three pretty much sucked. I ate way too many starches, didn’t drink enough water, and wasn’t physically active at all (so pretty much all the goals I had.. I didn’t do!). I really need to get on top of those things because to me, there really isn’t any point in doing all of this if I still feel shitty (which I can change with working out and eating solid meals throughout the day). I’m glad I don’t have to worry about food dreams, or intense cravings, or wanting to give up.. But these little goals I have are pretty difficult to maintain. I guess I need to think, I have overcome the hard part of whole30.. Now I just need commit to refining my eating schedule and working out!

Only one more week.. I’ll be done with my first whole30 of the 5 month challenge.. Only 4 more months after this week!


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