So I have been extremely lazy with my photos and blogging the past couple of days! I’m not even going to use the holidays as an excuse.. I’ve just been downright lazy.

Here are a few pics I managed to take over the past couple of days..





A three day update:

So I had something happen to me on Christmas Eve that made me really worried about my body and how it’s handling whole30. I’ve learned that my body is REALLY sensitive.. And I’m not too sure why.

I started reconsidering my whole150.. Thought maybe I should just reintroduce foods again and see what I can handle.. But that was definitely my cravings talking.. I wanted to quit so bad! With support from my best friend, I was able to get through the intense craving and desire to quit.

I’ve decided that maybe I’m eating too much red meat.. I hardly ate red meat growing up, and I’ve always felt so good after eating fish and poultry. So after I finish up the beef I have.. I’m going to take a little break from meat.

I’m also going to cut back on eggs.. I eat about 3 or 4 of them EVERY morning which I know isn’t good.. So I need to start figuring something out for breakfast.

Last but not least.. My final day of my first whole30 is coming very soon, and I’m going to have to set definite goals for the next month to keep this exciting.. I might just try the autoimmune protocol.. But it’s just an idea!


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