I’m coming up on my last day of my first whole30 (1/5 of the birthday challenge!) and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have had the HARDEST time the past week with cravings. I didn’t have too many cravings the second and third week of the month, but Jesus Christ.. I seriously could not stop thinking about bread and chocolate. I kept imagining how dark chocolate would melt into my melt so perfectly as it once did, and how a huge loaf of french bread would comfort my emotions as it used to. These cravings are KILLING ME.. I don’t know why I’ve been hit with such intense cravings the last week.. but I need to do something about them!!

After days of mental whining, regret, and hopelessness.. and even now, two days before I conquer my first (out of 5 whole30’s).. I have decided that to go on with my 5 month challenge, and be successful.. Im going to have to switch it up a little.

I came across The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott, which seemed a god-sent in the midst of wanting to give up so bad. Even though the autoimmune protocol seemed daunting at first (no eggs… no ghee.. no nuts.. no way!!) the book excited me and shined a beacon on my gloomy outlook I developed in the last week.

I’ve been experiencing cold-like symptoms for almost the entire duration of my whole30, so I decided.. I NEED to clean myself up even more! What if eggs are causing some of these symptoms.. what about ghee (as amazing as it is).. I just kept thinking to myself.. I can’t know until I try.. So I’m going to do it.

Im going to follow the 4-week plan that is so beautifully executed in the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook!! And reintroduce after while still sticking to whole30.

The one and only exception I going to make, that goes against Whole30 (but not AIP) is honey. I love me some raw local honey, and I feel I can really benefit from allowing myself a little bit here and there, and still omit all other sugars.

So there you have it.. follow me on my Month 2 AIP Journey!!!!


3 thoughts on “Autoimmune Protocol: Month 2 Plan

  1. Congrats on deciding to go AIP, and for finishing month one of your challenge! I can relate to your chocolate cravings … sometimes I have very vivid dreams about eating whole chocolate bars, and wake up feeling so guilty. Looking forward to seeing more posts on your AIP journey!

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