Mediterranean salmon salad and a bowl of bone broth



Cauliflower rice and Kale/Chard Chips



Steak, cauliflower rice and a sweet potato with a lil coconut oil

End of AIP Day 1 Update

Today was a really exciting day for me because it was my first time EVER following the autoimmune protocol. I’ve been imagining how this day would go all week (sort of obsessing over it, not gonna lie). I looked at the meal plans and shopping lists available in The AutoImmune Cookbook by Mickey Trescott literally 50 times every day for the past couple of days. I was just way too excited [and maybe a little nervous :)].

Today went pretty well. It wasn’t the spectacular, epiphany-inducing day as I maybe thought it would be, but it was definitely GOOD. I ate three solid meals and refrained from snacking in between, which is one of the biggest problems I had the past month of whole30. I strayed a little ways from one or two of the recipes provided in the meal plan, while sticking to AIP of course. So far, I really enjoy the recipes provided, especially the cauliflower rice.. that was super yummy!

The one thing I’m going to have a hard time with is not eating eggs for breakfast.. and getting over the idea of ‘breakfast’ all together. I LOVE classic breakfast foods.. who doesn’t?! I seriously woke up drooling over the idea of pineapple upside-down pancakes from Snooze (probably the yummiest breakfast restaurant in downtown Boulder). I’m starting to drool right now just typing about it, I need to stop!

Excited for tomorrow!



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