I am so glad I was able to make it (and I really didn’t think I would at times).

There were several moments, especially towards the end, where I was seriously so close to shoving any carb-a-licious foods I could get my hands on in my face. I spent some nights longing for just one little (but actually enormous) bite of french bread smothered in dark chocolate.. oh god, I’m ashamed of what food combinations my mind was able to conjure up the past month.

But I made it.

And some how, I was intrigued and inspired to take the whole30 even further.. and get a little crazier with it.

Read about my plans for month 2 here!

I want to take note of somethings I experienced my first month of whole30, and by all means if you can relate to any of these please comment! I’d love to know your experiences with whole30.

  • Extremely dry hands. Ok.. so I’m not sure if it’s because CO is so DRY, and being from the coast, my skin just cant handle it. But its just my hands.. and I’ve never experienced this intense of a dryness before. Not sure.. but I’ve been trying to use shea butter which is helping a little.
  • On and off cold-like symptoms.. all month! It’s been annoying, but again not sure if its the winter coldness that my CA body isn’t used to, or the whole30, or both!
  • Lost two pounds.. which is pretty awesome since I didn’t really work out or restrict fruit or dates (ok.. and laurabars!)

Please share your experiences! Or if you are taking on the whole30, or thinking about it.. feel free to comment.



4 thoughts on “Whole30 Success MONTH 1

    • Hey Deb,

      Good luck with your journey! I know it’s hard, I was worried I would slip up too but I just kept reminding myself of the pain and discomfort I was in before whole30, and remembered why I was doing it! Something that helped me so much was constantly making enough food to have left overs and packing snacks e.t.c.. Being hungry without any whole30 approved foods around is the worst situation to be in!

      Good luck with everything!

  1. Two thoughts about dry hands: there was a time when I first went paleo that I wasn’t getting enough fat in my diet & my hands & arms both got pretty dry, but improved when I increased fats (an avocado a day…). Now that I’ve stepped it up to an Autoimmune Protocol my hands are getting dry again… this time from all the dishwashing because of all the food prep!

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