So I’m going to confess.. I didn’t make a new years resolution before the clock struck 12 two days ago. Honestly, I didn’t give the word ‘resolution’ any thought at all until this very moment right now.. sitting in front of my computer screen.

I came across a post on MindBodyGreen that offers advice on several practices I should consider for 2014, practices that would make my year “the best year yet”.

It got me thinking about what the ideal year would look like to me.. what “best year yet” actually means. I started to think.. hmm maybe if somehow this blog blows up and I get famous in the paleo/autoimmune/whole30 world.. I publish my first book on all my wonderful and horrible experiences.. I travel the world on a book tour.. and I do all this before I turn 22!! Oh yah, THAT would be the best year.. of my life!

I started thinking, sure that sounds like an absolute dream come true, but I have learned over several years of battling an abusive relationship with food and body image, that having the “best year yet” means loving myself and living a life that is full of healing rather than deprivation and pain.

Sure I could start traveling the world, experience a successful book tour, have my dream come true.. but will it truly be my “best year yet” if I haven’t fully learned to heal myself in the process??

The blog post was a lovely article, and I thank who ever wrote it for inspiring this inner dialogue, you can read it here.

I just want to ask the readers.. what is your ideal year?? What does your “best year yet” look like?

Please share!


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