So I’ve been eating leftovers of the last two meals for the past couple of days! I end up cooking SO much food and have SO many leftovers, it’s kind of overwhelming. I really like how Trescott over compensates in the shopping lists, but I’m going to have to cut down a bit.. I love left overs but I don’t really enjoy eating the same things for all three meals more than 2 days in a row :/

AIP 3-Day Update:

So I need to tell the world.. I am feeling amazing!! Seriously!! My stomach has gotten so much flatter and my skin is sooo clear, I love it. I’m sure it’s not only from AIP but the month of whole30 before that as well. I’m having insane cravings for breakfast food (pancakes in particular) and it is HARD to get over them.. But when I can see positive change happening with my body it drives me to keep going strong!

For who ever out there trying AIP, just remember to stick it out and stay strong, you WILL see a change, it just takes time 🙂


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